Introducing Health & Fitness Ambassador, Raechelle Veale

We are delighted to announce our partnership with our new Health & Fitness Ambassador Raechelle Veale @fitchicknz. To celebrate we are launching the Pink Lady® Health & Fitness Challenge.

Win a 6 week transformational programme:

  • 6 weeks small group training (1x p/w)
  • Magenta Fitbit Flex2 – synced to Raechelle who will set goals and check on your progress during the challenge
  • Personal nutrition programme including Pink Lady® apples supplied
  • 6 weeks of sessions @LudusNorthShore gym (3x p/w)

About Raechelle Veale

Raechelle Veale is a prominent fitness instructor who is award winning in her Fitness competition class in NZ. She is passionate about helping others transform their lives through adopting healthy lifestyle choices. Her goals include continuing her fitness development through healthy nutrition, the right exercise, the right mindset and support structure. She is inspired by brands that share her passion for health and whose products or services support their customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. She wishes to inspire people and work with genuine brands who care about their customers well-being.

“I believe a healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. I am passionate about helping people change their lifestyle towards healthier living and this is why I’m proud to be the Pink Lady® Apples Health and Fitness ambassador. Their great taste and late season delicious crunch is why Pink Lady® apples are a great apple for people wanting to get fit for summer.”
— Raechelle Veale
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Raechelle Veale

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Pink Lady® Apples value healthy lifestyle choices so by buying a delicious apple, you are taking care of yourself. 


Why do Pink Lady® apples taste so great so late in the apple season? They get more sunshine hours than any other branded apple because they are the first to bloom in the spring and the last to be harvested harvest in the autumn.


Pink Lady® apples are a mid-late season apple that stays crunchy and tastes great, you can be assured every time you buy a Pink Lady® apple from June to November it will taste refreshing, sweet, crunchy and delicious.