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1. What kind of apple is a Pink Lady® apple?

Pink Lady® apples are the best of a variety of apples called Cripps Pink – a tasty cross between Golden Delicious and Lady William.

2. What does a Pink Lady® apple taste like?

Crisp, sweet and delicious with a wonderful fizz.

3. What does a Pink Lady® apple look like?

Light green with a pink blush.

4. How big is a Pink Lady® apple? Do they come in different sizes?

Pink Lady® apples average between 65-90mm diameter and on average weigh 133g. Overseas you can find a smaller PinKids® apples.

5. Where do Pink Lady® apples come from?

The New Zealand Pink Lady® Apples are NZ Grown. But the variety can be found around the world - often in fine wine growing regions; France, Italy, America, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Australia to name a few.

6. What happens to the Pink Lady® apples that don't fit the quality standards required?

The apples that don’t get to wear a Pink Lady® sticker don’t go to waste - they are used for lots of different things including Pink Lady® apple juice.

7. How long does it take for a Pink Lady® apple to grow?

7 months, 200 days of sunshine.

8. How many calories are there in a Pink Lady® apple?

A typical Pink Lady® apple contains 70kcal.

9. When are Pink Lady® apples available and most plentiful?

In New Zealand the apples are available June to November. The season peak is August - October. They are available in the North Island and the upper South Island.

10. Where in New Zealand are Pink Lady® apples grown?

The sunny Hawke's Bay, Waikato and Nelson regions of New Zealand.

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