Raechelle’s story

Raechelle has always been a dancer but was never into the gym. However after her 3rd son she gained baby weight that was hard to shift and she wasn’t feeling very attractive, she was embarrassed to have gained weight especially with her athletic background. She joined a gym and started to work out. 

As well as working out she started eating better mostly by dropping soda’s and takeaways. She was doing the Les Mills group fitness classes at the time. Raechelle didn’t know anything about weights and how they help your body as she had always done gymnastics and dancing through her teen years.

She started doing weights and she saw changes after only 6 weeks, after 12 weeks her body had completely transformed. 12 weeks was all it took to change everything, the right exercise using weights combined with clean eating: quality protein, good fats & good carbs.

The manager at Glenfield Leisure Centre approached and asked her to become an instructor. During her time there she was approached by one of the instructors with a suggestion to try body building. She wasn’t convinced to begin with but then saw the fitness class of competition and was attracted to the strength, flexibility and wow factor of the performance. 

Why & how did she do it?
She wanted to feel better about herself and to feel better when taking care of her kids.  As a single mum she needed to include her kids into her fitness regime where possible. So she takes her kids along to the gym. Her youngest son is 9yrs old and she puts him on the swissball and rolling out on the ab machine, using the boxing bag and doing step ups.

She stresses that even if you can’t afford to go to the gym there’s loads that you can do at home while your child is sleeping. She will be sharing these tips over the next 6 weeks through our transformation health and fitness challenge.

Raechelle’s tip for this week:
People need support from likeminded people – having a good starting point and sharing your journey with others is really important. Set a goal and then bring it back to the smallest first step and just start there, even if it is simply walking around the block for 20mins on a flat route. The fresh air will make you feel refreshed, being in nature will inspire you and if you put on some great tunes you will feel good as you walk along, changing your body chemistry for the better.  Smile, it’s amazing how simply smiling makes you feel better, smile at strangers, kids, dogs, anything, find something to smile at and you will instantly feel positive.

Final word
This campaign is designed for the regular lady who needs/wants to transform herself. You don’t have to be at any level of fitness or health to start. Always check with your Doctor before starting any new exercise regime but as long as you take it easy and follow professional advice any movement is good for you.