A Special Partnership

At Pink Lady® apples NZ, we only have one partner – and that is the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand (BCFNZ). Since 2016, we have donated $50,000 each year to BCFNZ, who use the funds for research, education and support of Kiwi's affected by breast cancer. Eight New Zealand women get diagnosed with breast cancer every day. It is the #1 female cancer in New Zealand, but together, we are helping to make a difference.

Every purchase of loose, 1.5kg bagged, or 6-pack tray of apples helps us support BCFNZ. In addition, our packs have important breast cancer education information printed on them… furthering our commitment to raising breast cancer awareness. We could not support BCFNZ without your help… so thank you to all of our Pink Lady® apple purchasers. 

It is well researched that a healthy diet helps to prevent illness. As a fresh fruit, Pink Lady® apples are a great snack and a healthy choice for young and old alike.

Pink Lady® apples are available June to November. Look for special in-store displays and promotions in October to coincide with Breast Cancer month.


Keeping Your Health In Mind

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ recommends that all women consider having an annual screening mammogram from 40-49 years, then every two years from 50 years, for as long as you’re in good health.

In between your mammograms, it’s a good idea to regularly check your breasts – it’s as easy as TLC.

‘Know your normal’, so you can find any changes in your breasts as soon as they appear. Start now by following the 3 steps 1. TOUCH, 2. LOOK and 3. CHECK:

1. Touch both breasts.
You’re feeling for any lumps or thickening of the tissue, even up into the armpits.

2. Look in front of a mirror.
Can you see any physical changes to the breast shape, skin or nipples?

3. Check any breast changes with your doctor.
Even if you’ve had a mammogram recently.



Did You Know???

Every day, 8 women will hear that they have breast cancer. It could be your wife, sister, mum, friend or colleague. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women and 1 in 9 New Zealand women will be affected by it in their lifetime. This is why Pink Lady® Apples is committed and proud to be involved with BCFNZ and its cause.

Zero Deaths from breast Cancer

Imagine a future where no one dies from breast cancer. BCFNZ is dedicated to make this vision a reality but they can’t do it alone. There are plenty of ways that you can help them to get one step closer. 

1. Be breast aware. Self-check regularly and ‘know your normal’, so you can find any changes in your breasts as soon as they appear.

2. Get involved in BCFNZ events! Come together with friends and host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast (May), raise funds by doing the Pink Star Walk (October/November) or volunteer to shake a pink bucket during the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal (October).

3. Purchase Pink Lady® apples! Every purchase you make makes a difference and helps us support BCFNZ and kiwis affected by breast cancer. 


For more information go to: www.breastcancerfoundation.org.nz

And if you have any concerns contact the BREASTCARE NURSE at: 



As part of supporting Breast Cancer Foundation, Pink Lady® apples are also committed to #supportingthesupporters. Where possible, we are always happy to provide free Pink Lady® apples to those supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation, a Breast Cancer Foundation event or those supporting a breast cancer patient/survivor. Supporters are important to everyone's success – so we want to hear from you.

To get Pink Lady® apples sent your way, simply email us (info@pinkladyapples.co.nz) or share your story on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). We’d love to hear of your own experience or feel free to nominate a friend or family member.

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