A High Standard Of Approval

As a globally famous apple and one of the best known apple brands in the world, only the best of the best apples get selected, hand-picked and given the Pink Lady® heart sticker. When you see the Pink Lady® heart on the apples you buy, you know it is a symbol of authenticity and it's your guarantee of premium quality.


In Pursuit Of Pink Lady® Excellence

People often ask, "What makes a Pink Lady® apple so special?" The answer is simple – they are sun ripened for longer.

Pink Lady® apples are the first to blossom and the last to be harvested. This extra time in the sun gives Pink Lady® apples their special pink blush, sweet crunch and wonderful refreshing taste. As a mid to late season apple available June to November, you can trust a Pink Lady® to be deliciously wow – at a time when other apples have started to go soft and floury. So if you are a fan of the crunch and love to eat apples all year 'round, give Pink Lady® apples a go. You won't be disappointed.


Like a fine wine…

Did you know Pink Lady® apples are mainly grown in the world’s finest wine regions? Around the world, you can find Pink Lady® apple trees in France, Italy, America, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, and of course New Zealand, to name a few. 


What's In A Name

John Cripps took the Pink Lady® name from his favourite novel, Nicholas Monsarrat’s The Cruel Sea. In this story, the hero savours a cocktail called ‘Pink Lady’. It’s a perfectly fitting name for an apple with such a beautiful blush.


The Seeds Of Inspiration

John Cripps is a fully-fledged Australian hero, being the plant-breeder who created the first ever Pink Lady® apple. In 1973, Mr Cripps had the idea to ingeniously – and naturally – cross a Golden Delicious and a Lady William. And so the Pink Lady® apple was born, the fruit of a love affair between two other apple varieties.