The Truth Behind Snacking

Did you know an impressive 97% of us admit to snacking between meals?* Whether it’s an morning tea cake break or a mid-afternoon biscuit, the UK is a self-confessed nation of snackers! Snack time has become a daily ritual in homes and workplaces, but our research has revealed that snacking isn’t as straightforward or relaxing as it seems.

While researching what it is that people enjoy about our delicious Pink Lady® apples we discovered that 52% of us rely heavily on snacks to keep our energy levels up and boost our mood throughout the day, making snack choice an important factor in productivity and wellbeing.

Mid-afternoon snacking was the most common occasion; whether people go to work or stay at home 57% opt for some kind of snack as the day wears on. The most commonly cited reasons for snacking were boredom and needing an energy boost.

17% of people said they use a snack break as a moment to stop what they are doing and relax during the day, whereas three quarters of us just grab a snack while doing something else.

Once we had established the logic behind snacking we were keen to discover which snack offered the best combination of sensory and emotional satisfaction. Taking into account overall liking and overall satisfaction Leatherhead Food Research created a Scale of Snackisfaction® to rank common snack choices from snackisfying to unsnackisfactory.
*Mintel (March 2015)