Week 5 - Health and Fitness Challenge - Keep Shredding

Welcome to week 5 of our Pink Lady® Apples Health and Fitness Challenge. Check in on the progress of our inspirational challenge winner Rebecca Clark as she keeps shredding through persistence to her goal every day. Rebecca is committed towards achieving better health and fitness through expert instruction from Raechelle Veale, our Pink Lady® Apples Health and Fitness Ambassador, personal trainer and professional athlete. 

This last week went well for Bex. She kept up her walking, challenging herself to go a little bit further each day and tried aqua aerobics for a bit of variety. She is feeling stronger and more motivated. Check it out in her recap video here.

Raechelle's tips this week include eating fresh whole foods that come from plants and animals, avoiding preservatives, chemicals and other artificial additives. Remember that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet or temporary fix. Check out our nutrition plan. Listen to your body, take rests when you need to. It's far more effective to do a little more regularly than going hard out and exhausting yourself. See this weeks tips here. 

Today marks the start of our last week of training with our final session with Raechelle next Saturday. This meant time to check results and progress. We completed the same workout as Week 1 and compared how many reps we could do in 60secs of each exercise with a 30 sec recovery period in between. 

Our functional training kicked off with step ups, bench squats and short runs between a line. We mostly use our own body weight, sometimes adding small kettle bell weights to make it harder.  Interval training is something that Raechelle recommends as it gets the heart rate up quickly and tests your cardiovascular fitness as well as strength. Interval training means short bursts of intensive exercise with a short recovery period in between. As always everyone must go at their own pace, don't feel like you need to beat the person beside you, this is a personal journey. It's all about what you can do and improving on that, it's not about being 'the best' in the room, especially when you start out. It is easy to injure yourself if you are pushing too hard, remember the tortoise and the hare, consistency provides superior results. 

Core work is really important to protect your lower back, for anyone who has felt back pain you will completely understand this. Building a strong core is relatively easy as the muscles are much smaller and easier to develop than some of the larger muscles around the body. Even holding a plank for as long as you can, resting for 30secs and then holding it again, repeating 3x and doing this at least once per day can help build you a strong solid core that will not only shrink your waistline but also provide much needed protection for your back. 

Till next week, keep shredding, eat green and kia kaha (stay strong and be confident) beautiful people.

Pink Lady® Apples Team   

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