Week 3 - Health & Fitness Challenge - Feel the burn

Welcome to week 3 of the Pink Lady® Apples Health & Fitness Challenge. Our motivated challenge participant Rebecca has been doing so well these past few weeks, we are so proud of her efforts and it has been such a pleasure to be on the journey with her. This week she has lost 1.4kg and her t-shirt is looking looser than when she put it on for the very first workout a few weeks back. Yah! To hear her review of what has been going on for her take a sneak peek at her review clip here. 

Today's session was focussed on legs/butt/core a true girls workout. And this week the lovely Lisa who is brand manager for Pink Lady® Apples joined us, she even dragged along her husband Jim....poor bloke, don't think he realised what he was getting into. But hats off to him, he got stuck in and did the resistance band work with us, he was particularly good at the leg extensions, go Jim! Lisa was also a legend on the resistance band and enjoyed the workout as much as we did (I think lol). It's such a good idea to work out with friends who are on the same journey, the motivation levels are so much higher.

This week as well as the resistance bands we also did plank holds, squats, side raises, side taps, step ups and a short run all which were much harder than they sound, take a look at the clips with our trainer Raechelle to see how we got on.

Raechelle's sister Danika joined us today, she is a florist on the North Shore and as with Rebecca, she spends a fair amount of time on her feet. However despite having a fairly active job, Danika too finds it hard to shift those pounds, so when Raechelle asked her to join us she jumped at the opportunity.

Our Fitbit challenge stats as a group are pretty impressive, we cheer each other whenever someone reaches a goal, it's pretty awesome to get those cheers. However I must call out Rebecca as a bit of a legend with her steps...today only 2 days into the week she's already on almost 31,000! our daily step goal is 10,000 steps a day so that is really good going, go Bex :-)

Now that we are a few weeks into it the food plan is also starting to do wonders, it's pretty easy to follow and keeps us satiated with the right amounts of good fats, protein and the balanced complex carbohydrates that we need to keep our energy up with all this exercise. If you haven't seen the meal plan you can find it here: nutrition plan.

Raechelle gives some great tips each week to help us on the journey towards health & fitness, see her advice for this week below. 

My tip for this week is don't worry too much about the scales, use clothes as your measure. When you're exercising using weights or body weight you will put on muscle as you burn fat and muscle weighs more than fat, so it's likely that a small loss on the scales could be a bigger loss in actual fat. Point in case, I have lost 2kgs in the first 2 weeks of this challenge and I put on a pair of jeans on Sunday that used to be tight on me a month ago, now they are literally falling off me....I looked like a middle aged woman trying to be a hipster rapper.... aside from the howls of laughter from my much younger daughter at the sight of me, it was truly encouraging to see the results already in only a few short weeks.

If you want to join us on this journey check out the first weeks blog, we list all the exercises for the week and demonstrate how to do them in each video. It's pretty simple, you do as many reps as you can for 60 seconds of each, rest for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. 

Remember to snack on your Pink Lady® apples especially with nut butter, a delicious and nutritious healthy snack.

Pink Lady® Apples Team.

Plank Hold

Plank Hold

Side Raises

Side Raises