week 2 - Health & Fitness Challenge

Welcome to week 2 of our Pink Lady® Apples Health and Fitness Challenge. If you have just joined us to bring you up to speed check out week 1. We are taking our lucky winner Rebecca Clark on a journey of Health and Fitness with expert guidance from our Health and Fitness Ambassador Raechelle Veale.

First up we caught up with Rebecca on how she went during her first week on the challenge. Watch her Week 1 recap video.

Each week we have a new program set by Raechelle, this is to ensure our bodies don't get too used to the exercise, to keep switching it up makes your body work to it's full capacity and keeps you motivated learning new exercises. You can see our program for the week here. It's mostly using body weight with only a few additional items that you can easily obtain to use at home. The idea of this program is so you can easily do it at home if you want to. Although it can be fun to exercise with others, sometimes it's just not possible so we are creating a program that is fully flexible for anyone to do anywhere.

The items we used this week were kettlebells, resistance bands, a swiss ball, a weighted ball and a wooden box. We also used a boxing bag and granted that is not so easy to get at home, however gloves and pads are available so you can partner up and take turns throwing punches around the lounge. Most of these items are readily available at The Warehouse or K-mart as well as sports stores nationwide and they don't cost a fortune. I bought bands for $10 from K-mart St Lukes.  

To understand what the exercises are just watch the set up video as Raechelle explains to Rebecca what we will be doing that day, then watch each short clip (10-15secs) to see how it's done.

Raechelle gives advise after the workout to Rebecca on what to focus on for the week ahead, this is in the post work out comments clip.

Finally each week we get expert Tips from Raechelle on what to focus on, you can see these in the last video.

My tip for this week is to get a Fitbit, I didn't use one the first week and just followed the tracking on my iPhone but after hearing Rebecca smashing her goals of 10,000 steps per day I realised how important it was to keep tracking and watching how much I am moving. I've had the Fitbit for a few days now and I can tell you it's so motivational to use it. We have also set up a group challenge on the app for this program and are following each others results.

Part of the point to the program is to support each other through the journey to health and fitness. You may have seen that Pink Lady® Apples have adopted the hashtag #supportingthesupporters, we have chosen this because we feel that it truly represents who we are as a brand. We are all about inspiring healthy lifestyles and supporting each other to make healthier choices. We all know that old saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away!'.

We are a Diamond partner to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ so it's important to us to be supporting kiwi women with breast cancer and those who surround them as their support crew, hence #supportingthesupporters it just works on so many levels.

We hope you will join us, be inspired by Rebecca's journey and keep making healthy choices.  #letsdothistogether

If you are just joining us now remember that it's never too late, check out the first blog to get the nutrition plan and remember it's all about taking that first step. 

We will see you next week for our 3rd installment of the 6 week Transformational health and fitness challenge.

Pink Lady® Apples Team


Post Workout comments

Raechelles Tips for Week 2

Week 1 recap

1 Set up Work out 

2 Box Push 

3 Ball Slam Farmers Carry

4 Swiss Ball Throw

5a Bag Punch Raechelle

5b Bag Punch Rebecca

6a Using Bands Demo

6b Band Walk - harder than you think

6c Band Walks and Curls

6d Band Curls and Step Ups