week 1 - Health & Fitness - Let's get this party started

Rebecca Clark is our lucky winner of the Pink Lady® Apples Health & Fitness transformation challenge. Over the next 6 weeks we are going to share her journey with you, the highs, the lows, her achievements and challenges as she takes on this life changing experience. 

Saturday was the start of her training program with our Pink Lady® Apples Health and Fitness Ambassador Raechelle Veale check her out on Instagram and Facebook. 

Rebecca is a Mum and Grandma living in Torbay Auckland and in her own words she wanted to do this challenge to get fit and healthy to generally feel better and to spend better quality time with her Grandkids. She works in a daycare centre and often finds herself running around after little ones through the day. Despite having a fairly active job, she still struggled to lose weight and get a good level of fitness into her daily routine.

‘Winning this challenge is a life changing experience for me and I’m so excited to be starting out, I’m really going to give it my all’. 

One of the aspects of exercise is being able to share the journey with others who are on the same path as you, and being able to give and receive that much-needed support throughout. We all know there will be good days and there will be harder days and it’s so important to have a friend you can talk to when you’re struggling, or to celebrate with when you achieve a goal or just have a great day.  We set up a small group of us to go through this journey with Rebecca and give her that comradery and support she needs.  Yours truly is one of those (god help me!) as well as my daughter Rose, she’s the much younger one in the pics you will see. Raechelle’s own sister Dannika is also on a journey towards fitness and volunteered to be part of it with us. So, over the next 6 weeks you will see us working hard together, sharing the good times and maybe the not so easy days.  But most of all we hope that this will inspire you if you need or want to make some healthier life choices or even just mix up your own program a bit. 

You will find the nutrition plan we are following and on the videos, you can see our training plan. The exercises don’t really need any special equipment, you can do these at home or pop down to your local Ludus Magnus and join a class if you feel like giving it a go. We are very grateful to Joe for allowing us to use his space at the North Shore branch for our classes each week and to join Raechelle’s other group classes during the week throughout this program. Cheers Joe, we’ll hook you up with some Pink Lady® apples to say thanks ☺


Day 1
Saturday was getting Rebecca set up with her new FitbitFlex2 – Rose, my daughter is the technical wiz so she got it all set up and synced with Rebecca’s smart phone and connected to Raechelle’s Fitbit so she can monitor Rebecca’s progress giving her hints and tips along the way. 10,000 steps a day is the goal.

We provided a Pink Lady® Apples care pack with bags of apples for healthy snacks, a slicer to make it easy on those arms after the big workouts, some pens, recipe leaflets for ideas on how to enjoy her apples, t-shirts to wear for some bright pink inspiration and a recyclable shopping bag so she can collect her ingredients from the local farmers market in a sustainable manner. You will see on the meal plan it is pretty simple food, fresh whole foods without the extra sugar, sauces and empty calories that we often consume without even thinking about it. We also get one treat meal a week, that’s not such a hard deal, is it?!

Raechelle will be sharing her tips each week, the first of these you will on her clip below. Rebecca will also share how each week goes for her, see her clip below.

We also took a few short little videos to show you how simple the exercises are and some pics.

We’ll be back next week with our second installment on this fabulous journey to health and fitness.

Pink Lady® Apples Team

Team Pink Lady Apples

Team Pink Lady Apples

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Introducing Rebecca

About Rebecca

Raechelle giving Rebecca an overview of the nutrition and exercise plan

Getting the Fitbit set up

Raechelle giving Rebecca exercise goals for the week ahead

Raechelle’s 3 nutrition tips for week 1

Rebecca after the work out


Step ups




Kettle bell pull ups

Bear Crawls

Our Happy Winner Rebecca Clark with her Pink Lady® Apples care pack

Our Happy Winner Rebecca Clark with her Pink Lady® Apples care pack