The Perfect Pink Lady® Apple


You can’t get better than a Pink Lady® apple. Brilliantly sweet and delicious to eat, they will get your taste buds going every time. What makes these distinctively pink apples so special? They spend extra long hours in the Hawke's Bay, Waikato & Nelson sun, developing all the yumminess they can.

They have a uniquely refreshing taste and are always sweet, crunchy, and delicious
– especially from June to November.

Pink Lady® apples are available loose, in 6 pack trays and 1.5kg bags from leading supermarkets and independent retailers.



Proud Breast Cancer foundation NZ Partner

New Zealand Pink Lady® apples has contributed $50,000 to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) each year since 2016. This means, every apple you buy helps us support the Breast Cancer Foundation's vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.

Did you know that every day, 8 Kiwi women will hear they have breast cancer? When you realise that one of them might be your mum, sister, daughter or friend, it makes helping BCFNZ achieve their vision all the more important.

For Pink Lady® apples, supporting Breast Cancer's Pink Ribbon just makes sense. It is one small way our 100% New Zealand growers can can give back to Kiwi women and our local communities.



Healthy & Versatile - the perfect Cooking Apple

While no one can argue a Pink Lady® apple is delicious eaten out of hand, what most people don't know is Pink Lady® apples are also fantastic for cooking. Naturally tangy-sweet with firm flesh, Pink Lady® apples can be baked, grated into muesli, dried into crisps, skewered and BBQ'd with a dip or chunked salads.

For more ideas, see our recipes page or download the Pink Lady® apple recipe leaflet.




Available In Store At: 

New World, Countdown some Pak n'Save and independent grocers around New Zealand, click on the link below to see the full list of stockists.